Summer tote bag: practical for work & chic for after work cocktails!

It’s summertime and I didn’t really want to keep carrying my leather brown, blue and black bags to work with my laptop or iPad, camera and some numerous other stuff that i can’t live without so i went shopping online and off line for the perfect canvas with leather handle combination and had the best time. I bought myself a Filson bag from Steven Alan on Franklin st in Tribeca but i’m still looking for the perfect bag. Here’s a list:


Winter Getaways: Where do New Yorkers go on vacation during winter season?!!

Where to Stay and Eat in:
Tulum & Playa Del Carmen
St. Barths & Anguilla
and some Miami too.

Tulum & Playa Del Carmen
Mexica, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum:
On the Caribbean east-coast of Mexico, a short 3.5 hours flight from NYC that lands in Cancun airport. Rent a car and drive 30 minutes south to Playa Del Carmen, which is ideal for chic and hip partying for New Years Eve and beyond. Hip hotels to stay in are the sister boutique hotels Deseo and Básico. Once you get partying out of your system drive down to calm and secluded Tulum and stay in one of the small bohemian hotels on the beach. Most of the time you will have the whole beach for yourself!!

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Cheap Date!!

Brown Cafe on Hester St, Lower East Side

Cheap Date shouldn’t be un-classy.
So if you don’t have the money you still can have class and good taste.
Here are my recommendations:

Cafe Habana Yummeeeeee
Rubirosa New, hot and hip!
Bread Soho italian w/ brazilian vibe!!
La Esquina So much Fun
Peasant Wine Bar Rustic & Chic
Brown Cafe A NY Secret
Ruby’s Cafe
Australia in NYC
Frank Restaurant original date spot
Pepe Rosso Soho (4 tables in total)
Lovely Day (Thai) basement is it!

I was not only aiming for cheap meal but also great food, decor and vibe to impress your date while being able to have a conversation.

Afternoon Sandwich!!

Lunch is a big deal in Downtown New York, Here are my favorite spots for
soups, sandwiches and coffee

  1. Grandaisy Bakery Best Italian Sandwich and foccacia
  2. Cafe Clementine Creative Sandwich
  3. Bread Tribeca perfect Paninis
  4. Cafe Falai
  5. Cafe Cafe
  6. Alessi favorite coffee and pastries
  7. Olives
  8. Once Upon A Tart
  9. Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery
  10. Dean and Deluca: the original New York gourmet food store.
  11. Cafe Gitane:  Great French and Moroccan plates especially the Cous-Cous
  12. Le Pain Quotidien: This Belgian bakery is perfect for a healthy, yet flavorful meal. Try one of their European style tartines or simply indulge in their many freshly baked pastries. A piece of baguette with some Belgian dark chocolate spread is a must!